OPINION: Only an overwhelming show of unity and support from the community for Griffith Hospital will stop the rot.


Social media's lighting up. 

Shoppers are debating at the registers. 

The Area News letters to the editor folder is as full as it’s ever been. 

Not since the weeks leading to the Murray Darling Basin Plan's implementation has Griffith been galvanised by a cause. 

There's three values running rich among Griffith’s residents. 

One of the values held over several generations involves providing a reliable livelihood and the tools for success. 

The MIA's lifeblood is water, and its relied on the region’s consistent flow of blood sweat and tears to have survived for over a century. 


Another value comes with enjoying the fruits of labour, earned with hard work and sacrifice. 

And the most important of the three values is an utter devotion and priority for family. 

The hospital needs to move forward, if anything, for peace of mind our families are being provided the best possible medical attention. 

Only an overwhelming show of unity from the community will stop the rot. 

Farmers and residents all over the MIA demanded a podium to fight for their livlihoods in 2011, and gave a voice to the foodbowl's most important region. 

Whether the current-day Griffith Base Hospital is providing unacceptable levels of risk to life is debatable. 

What's most important is having a crystal clear understanding of what changes are actually happening, and how they will affect the quality of healthcare. 

Right now we have a region full of angry people, without the detail and clarity they need to have an informed opinion. 

Changes in the past have long been labelled downgrades, and a slow diminishing health system has become part of Griffith's psyche. 

Let's give the MLHD and NSW Pathology local departments the opportunity to ‘cross the Ts and dot the Is’ and give Griffith the finer details, for the people they serve.

Because at the end of the day, everyone wants the same result. 

It involves Griffith's governing health bodies earning the city's approval, and its families having the peace-of-mind knowing it has a hospital they can trust and value. 

The MLHD and NSW Pathology are invited to answer Griffith's questions through a Facebook Live broadcast hosted by The Area News.​