Baby of the week: Jemima Pickmere

Jemima Pickmere had a tough start to her life. Born nearly six weeks premature, she spent two weeks in an incubator and five weeks in the nursery. 

She recovered fully, and Dad Travers says she’s now “good as gold”, displaying above average levels of intelligence for an eight month old.

Travers is originally from Griffith, and moved back a few weeks ago after living in Adelaide.

Travers was one of just two Dads – amongst at least 30 mums – at Griffith City Library’s baby bounce on Tuesday. 

In a new The Area News segment, we profile Jemima as our baby of the week. 

Name: Jemima Pickmere

Age: Eight months

Parents: Travers and Toni Pickmere

Where from: Adelaide born, recently moved to Griffith

Best thing about her: Really alert, perspective, smiles a lot

Worst habits: Pulling mum’s hair, pinching mum’s skin

Favourite TV show: Giggle and Hoot (ABC)

Favourite foods: Pumpkin (joker as its so sweet)

Preferred music style: Anything lively and upbeat

Predicted future career: Award-winning dancer 

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