This weeks Wicked profile is on Dane McGuirk who plays "Offical" and is part of the ensemble.

WICKED: Dane McGuirk is playing  “Official” and will be part of  the ensemble.

WICKED: Dane McGuirk is playing “Official” and will be part of the ensemble.

The Area News is introducing the Griffith community to the cast of Wicked, the upcoming Griffith community theatre production.


Dane McGuirk

Dream Job

I’m living it. Nah but seriously I’d love to become a professional traveller.

What is your role in Wicked?

I play “Official” and I’m in the ensemble. I don’t want to give to much away but I’ve got my own scene(Act one scene eight for those playing at home).

Favourite thing about your character/role?

Character, I get to play a villain which is cool. You can get away with so much more when you’re bad and I love the DANCING.

It’s the best part of the show. When you get to try something different out of our comfort zone, learn something new is what doing community theatre is all about.

Plus I’m good at it.

What is the most challenging part of your role in Wicked? 

Doing two things at once. Singing and dancing at the same time is hard. Oh and my dance partner Makalia , very very challenging, but we’er are getting it done.

How would you explain your character?

The “Official” is mean, no nonsense and has a distinct lack of humour.

Have you been involved in drama/ arts before?

Yes. Recently I played the “narrator” and was in the ensemble for sold out season of Griffith’s last community production Beauty and the Beast

I was also in my high school productions of Joseph and the amazing technicolour Dreamcoat and the Little shop of horros.

Whats is the most exciting part about being in a musical?

Obviously DANCING and doing things you never thought you could or would do. The people are awesome as well, from all parts of theriverina. 

It gives you the opportunity to meet and spend time with people you probably wouldn’t normally spend time with and learn about them and their lives.

There’s also so many amazing talented and fascinating people in the group I don’t think I’d ever get tired of being around them (except my dance partner Majkalia and Brian Simpson.)