Maths teacher - locks = helping cancer research

A GRIFFITH maths teacher has lost count of how many times he has shaved his head for cancer.

Griffith High School's Jack McMaster raised close to $800 for Leukaemia research on Friday when he took part in the World's Greatest Shave.

One of Mr McMaster's year 11 maths students seemed nonplussed when her teacher's hair hit the floor.

"We have wanted to see his head shaved for ages," Keeley Middleton said.

"There's been a big conversation in maths about what he would look like with no hair.

"This morning I coloured Mr McMaster's hair with beautiful pink, blue, orange, green and red dyes so he had to get it all shaved off."

Mr McMaster summed up his motivation for the buzz cut as a willingness to play his small part in the eradication of cancer.

"One of the teachers here at Griffith High is undergoing cancer treatment at the moment and I have had family affected by the disease, my mother survived cancer and my grandfather lost a battle with the disease," Mr McMaster said.

"Even though this money will go towards leukaemia research, I like to contribute to cancer research on the whole and I like to get involved with Movember too.

"All the kids have been excitedly asking me when I would be shaving the head so it's a good way to raise funds."

The World's Greatest Shave fund-raiser was held nationally between March 13 and March 16, with a goal to raise $20,500,000.

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