Council to review killer Yenda bend

FED-UP residents have demanded more signage at a notorious Myall Park bend following another accident last week. 

Last Monday a truck carrying wheat tipped on the same stretch of Myall Park Road that claimed the life of 17-year-old driver Ben Bellew in 2009.

Nearby resident Maxine Bowman said the sharp corner regularly caught drivers by surprise and another fatality was only a matter of time.

“Given a young boy has lost his life and truck drivers have accidents there all the time something must done,” Mrs Bowman said.

“When my children come to visit I tell them to go another way so they don’t have to take that bend. 

“There will be a lot more accidents and I worry about all the young families driving who are putting themselves in danger.”

Mrs Bowman said at the very least council had to erect signs warning drivers what to expect.

“To make matters worse it’s continually used as a speed track for motorbikes and speeding cars going flat out around the corner. 

“I’m very worried two cars will collide, even if they were both travelling the advised 80km/h speed but they accidentally took it a bit wide.

“It is a beautiful road so there are a lot of bike riders and one day they’ll be taken out.”

Council’s director of infrastructure and operations Dallas Bibby said the latest accident would prompt a review.

“We will have a review of what circumstances may have caused the accident and whether the signage on the corner is adequate or not,” Mr Bibby said. 

“If the signage needs redesigning we will look into that but we need to make sure any new signage is within guidelines and there are cost factors of course.

“If there are a certain amount of accidents they come up as black spots we will do further assessments which might warrant earthworks.”

The driver of the truck which lost control and rolled held a Canadian licence and received infringements for negligent driving and using a mobile phone when not permitted. 

The driver was uninjured but the truck has been grounded. 

The tragic accident that killed Mr Bellew in 2009 occurred when a Holden Commodore utility carrying five passengers left the dangerous corner and struck a channel bank.

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