GDCA feeling heat on policy


GRIFFITH District Cricket Association matches are likely to proceed as normal tomorrow despite the continuation of an unrelenting heatwave.

An expected high temperature of 42 degrees is forecast but games across Griffith this weekend could still go ahead as scheduled after a recent change to the GDCA's extreme weather policy.

The policy was rushed into effect 12 months ago in response to one scorching Saturday last season, which saw players toil in dangerous 44.7-degree heat.

The GDCA did not have an extreme weather policy before that but scrambled to create one after numerous players succumbed to heat stroke.

However, the guidelines have been slightly changed and now use the forecast temperature at 3pm as per a reading at 11am on Weatherzone, as opposed to the expected high temperature on the day.

"We've made amendments to that," GDCA president Brenton Harrison said.

"It's going to be a teething thing at the moment and it may happen for the next few years until we find the correct formula.

"We brought it in but then a day happened where it was expected to be hot enough for us to reduce the overs, but it ended up being in the low 30s.

"I don't expect the temperature will get up there (tomorrow)."

The final decision on whether the GDCA's extreme weather policy will apply will be made on Saturday morning and released on the association's website,, shortly after 11am.

A high of between 40.1 and 42 degrees will see matches reduced to 30 overs per team while a high of 42.1 degrees or above will see all matches cancelled.

"We don't anticipate enforcing any of the rules but if you think it's going to get hot, that's the place to check," Harrison said.

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