Numbers stack up for Darlington Point student 

REACHING double digits is a big deal for any kid.

But for Todd Rowley, who turns 10 today, the numbers have really lined up.

The Darlington Point Public School student is celebrating his 10th birthday on 11/12/13.

It is an auspicious date because it will be 90 more years before we see the next consecutive date opportunity on February 1, 2103 (01/02/03).

As far as Todd is concerned the quirky date has little bearing on how he will celebrate.

It just means he will finally be able to unwrap the new electronic device he’s been hoping for.

“I’m excited because I’m getting my iPad mini,” Todd said.

“I didn’t even know about the date being special until Mrs Guest was marking the roll and she mentioned it.”

Classmates plan to help make the day extra special today by celebrating with a cake as close to 9am as possible.

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