Christmas tunes hit the right note

CHRISTMAS shoppers will be able to revel in the sounds of the festive season after Banna Avenue carols began last week.

Using the long-fought-for PA system installed this year, the carols will be played throughout the day to provide a Christmas-y feel in the main street.

Stemming from the Griffith Visitor's Centre, the wide variety of Christmas songs have added to the festive cheer already provided by the giant tree in Memorial Park and the decorations dotting the light poles across the city.

Griffith Business Chamber's Paul Pierotti said the fight to secure the PA system was well worth the effort.

"I'm really pleased, it's definitely changed the feel of the main street," Mr Pierotti said.

"We had missed out for a lot of years but not any more. This is a major step in the right direction."

Councillor Dino Zappacosta, who campaigned furiously over the years to secure a budget for the city's Christmas decorations, said it was "lovely" to see a more positive vibe across Griffith this year.

"I think it's wonderful there's such joy in listening to lovely Christmas songs," Cr Zappacosta said.

"It really lifts the spirits and for people who've not got much to smile about, it gives them a chance to escape."

Cr Zappacosta was thrilled to see so many people making an effort to "light up Griffith". "It's better than what it has been for the last decade," he said.

The PA system will be used intermittently throughout the year for major events.

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