Four days in, returned McCormack on track

THE Riverina's resurgent representative Michael McCormack has unveiled his action plan for the electorate following his majority win on the weekend.

Just four days after he was swept back into office on a 45,000-strong tide of votes, Mr McCormack has revealed what he plans to fight for during his next term.

Mr McCormack has also admitted he would "absolutely" accept a ministerial portfolio within the new Coalition government though he doubts the offer will be forthcoming.

Among the Riverina-centric issues McCormack plans to tackle are two particularly important to Griffith a Headspace mental health facility and the intermodal freight terminal. "It is going to be difficult as we've inherited a mess and it will take time and discipline to get back in shape," Mr McCormack said.

"But I think people have accepted we are a country in debt and we need to pay some of that back there will be tough times ahead."

Despite condemning the financial situation of the country, Mr McCormack said the government needed to recognise regional areas were the lifeblood of the country and should invest.

"These are expensive projects but regional areas are where the food comes from," he said.

When it came to protecting farmers, Mr McCormack said food labelling and anti-dumping legislation needed to be reviewed and soon.

"With the Nationals in government we need to look at those things and repair those things," he said.

"We want fair trade, not free trade and we need to be strong on anti-dumping."

Adding a note of caution about what Mr McCormack would be able to achieve was the Democratic Labor Party's Paul Funnell.

The DLP came in fourth place in the Riverina vote tally and Mr Funnell wished Mr McCormack "all the best" on everything he tried to achieve.

But Mr Funnell said the most important thing this region needed was to stop the basin plan - which he did not think would happen.

"The water plan needs to be stopped but I do not believe this will take place now or into the future," Mr Funnell said.

"This government has no plans to change anything and no commitment."

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