Electricity campaign gives power to the people

A CAMPAIGN that could see locals score a mass discount on their energy bills received a power surge yesterday.

With time running out for locals to sign up to Big Griffith Switch, campaign director Christopher Zinn came face to face with locals to answer questions.

Armed with their latest power bill, Christine and Lou Scremin were among the first people in Memorial Park keen to speak to Mr Zinn and find out more.

“We are very careful with our power but we are still finding it hard to keep it at a reasonable cost,” Mr Scremin said.

“You just have to be careful all of the time yet you can still see it rising.

“We are willing to try anything that will help with the cost. We came along because it will be interesting to see if we can achieve savings.

“This is a good idea. There comes a time that we all have to band together to benefit the town.”

The Big Electricity Switch Griffith was launched earlier this month and so far close to 700 people have signed up.   

Run by The Area News in conjunction with One Big Switch, the campaign is based on last year’s national Big Electricity Switch, which saw 250,000 households sign up and claim a 16.5 per cent discount from TRUenergy.

Mr Zinn said he was keen to see if the campaign could make a difference in Griffith.

“We have never done this on such a grassroots level and it’s important to hear what the concerns are,” he said.

“It is stories you get from ordinary people in town here which will help us make the campaign more useful.

“I’m here in Griffith to listen and to answer questions. We are keen to help local communities do this for themselves. There are too many suffering because of high electricity prices and because they are reluctant to change, and while people should be careful, they need to know there are real benefits. People shouldn’t be scared.”   

Aldo and Ada Zanesco were also keen to register their interest.

“It was definitely worth us coming along because it was good to hear his side of the story,” Mrs Zanesco said. 

“We are putting our names down.  I hope it is successful and makes a difference to those who are doing it tough.”

Join the campaign

Go to www.bigelectricityswitch.com or phone 1300 131 639 to register your details for the Big Griffith Switch before June 30.

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