Hundreds flick  the big switch

HUNDREDS of locals fed up with their exorbitant electricity bills have joined the Big Griffith Switch and more are signing up every day.

One of the first was Yvette Stewart, a single mum-of-two whose last bill came in at $2055. 

Despite employing her son Ned as the household energy watcher, Ms Stewart said her bill just keeps increasing. 

She has switched off the second fridge, turns her electricals off at the wall and makes sure nothing is left on that doesn’t need to be.

Her actions, however, have not been reflected in her bill and with insurance and childcare fees on the increase, Ms Stewart is unsure where it will end.

“We have a pool and I’m really having to weigh up whether we keep it or get it filled in,” Ms Stewart said.

“It is a luxury in summer along with the air conditioner but with everything going up, we just might not be able to have it anymore.”

Ms Stewart said she used to enjoy taking her children to the movies and other places but had been forced to cut back on luxuries. 

“I really feel for the single mums who can’t work, the same with pensioners – at least I have a job so I can manage,” she said.

“I think the Big Switch is a brilliant idea –anything that can bring about cheaper rates is a good thing.”

More than 565 people have joined the Big Griffith Switch and with two more weeks to go, there’s still a chance for others to get on board.

One Big Switch director Christopher Zinn, who was responsible for a 16.5 per cent discount for thousands of NSW households last year, said the progress was encouraging.

“People are seeing it, joining it, talking about it and passing it on,” Mr Zinn said.

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