Griffith's power surge

THE time has come for Griffith residents to take charge of their electricity bills and stop paying too much for power.

Today marks the launch of the Big Griffith Switch – a campaign fuelled by the power of masses and designed to reap a substantial saving for electricity customers.

All you need to do to take advantage of the combined One Big Switch and The Area News campaign is go to and register your details.

Alternatively, people without internet access can contact One Big Switch on 1300 131 639 and sign up that way.

The registration period will be open for three weeks – until Sunday, June 30.  

In early July, an offer will be released and participants will have three weeks to decide whether to take advantage of the offer, negotiate with their existing provider for a better price, or simply stick with what they have.

One Big Switch director Christopher Zinn led last year’s national Big Electricity Switch, which saw 250,000 households sign up.

In NSW, participants were offered a 16.5 per cent saving from TRUenergy – now a part of Energy Australia.

Mr Zinn said for some, joining the Big Griffith Switch could mean a saving of hundreds of dollars each year.

“Some are calling it potentially the most expensive winter yet for electricity bills and certainly many fear the impact on their wallet of a chilly few months,” Mr Zinn said.

“But you wouldn’t pay more than you had to for petrol or milk or other staples of life, so why do many of us pay too much for electricity?”

Mr Zinn recognised many people found it difficult to compare electricity offers and others felt too helpless to switch on their own, fearing it might be hard work or cost even more.

“So it’s a real pleasure to introduce the Big Electricity Switch Griffith-style,” he said.

“It’s our very first venture into the bush to a specific regional town to see if group switching works on a smaller scale – we are confident it can.”

Mr Zinn will visit Griffith in the coming weeks to meet with residents and answer any questions people may have.

Griffith mayor John Dal Broi has given the campaign his full support and urged people to join.

“In view of the high electricity prices everyone is experiencing in this area, I think any program or effort to have these prices come down is a good one,” Councillor Dal Broi said.

“It makes it easier for individuals to be part of a group, rather than approaching electricity companies alone.”

Cr Dal Broi recognised that families were struggling.

“I have a great level of sympathy especially for young working families,” he said.

“Many of them are on a tight budget anyway and then they get this massive electricity bill out of the blue - it’s just not on.

“I can’t understand how electricity companies can justify these price hikes, people shouldn’t have to go through this trauma.”

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