Plans floated to make lake great

GRIFFITH'S most under-used recreation facility is about to be given a chance to shine.

A new plan will ensure Lake Wyangan a sanctuary for boating enthusiasts, campers and anglers alike will be used to its full potential in future.

This month's Flix in the Sticks event showed the lake in a light it had never been seen a picturesque concert venue and community meeting space.

It is likely more events will come, after council and Murrumbidgee Irrigation (MI) complete a plan to manage the lake's many uses.

The authorities will consider which pursuit should take precedence recreation or irrigation and who will manage water levels.

During the most intense years of the drought, there were times when the lake was not deep enough for water sports, which sparked confusion over whose responsibility it was to ensure its availability for recreation.

Griffith Sailing Club secretary Tom Mackerras said any plan to keep the lake usable for everyone would be welcomed.

"There has certainly been a lot more use of the lake this summer, our rowing and kayaking members have been increasing and there are generally a lot more people boating, sailing or fishing out there," Mr Mackerras said.

"There is a lot of interaction from one area to another.

"One of the things we need to do is make better use of the facilities and work towards improving the facility for everyone."

Several local farmers hold licences that allow them to take water from the lake.

The plan will determine which authority will be responsible for maintaining the water level and deciding how much water is needed for both irrigation and water sports.

Councillor Pat Cox, who took a special interest in the plan as part of council's former urban enhancement committee, said the plan would include the north and south lakes as well as the Campbell and Nericon swamp areas.

"I think it's very important for the community that the lake area is maintained and available for recreation and sport," Cr Cox said.

"The boat clubs have done a lot of work on their structures and the lake is a great resource for picnickers."

"It's also important to maintain the natural environment there so it remains as an attraction for Griffith."

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